Covid-19 Release Form

If the form isn’t completed, your reservation/appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded.  


YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES DURING PICK UP AND DROP OFF.  In an effort  to keep everyone safe please understand that taking your mask off or pulling it down will result in immediate cancellation of your reservation/appointment.  


We have to focus on staying safe so we can continue to service all of your pets needs.  


  • Text/call us to let us know you have arrived (989-737-5796)

  • Hook your dog up on the ground stake at the end of the walkway 

  • Step back to the “X” on the sidewalk

  • We will come out and get your dog, we will leave your leash and use ours 

  • Please collect your leash after we are safely in the house

  • There is sanitizer on the hook for you, if needed



  • Text/call us and let us know you have arrived for pick up (989-737-5796)

  • Put the leash out on the ground stake 

  • Step back to the “X” on the sidewalk

  • We will bring out your dog to you and transfer to your leash

  • If you are paying cash, please leave the cash on the sidewalk when you hook up the leash

  • If you are paying electronically, YOU MUST PAY THIS PRIOR TO PICK UP, We will not bring out your pet without confirmed payment.

Click the button below to complete the Covid form!